1. What is the appropriate age group?
The SeaPerch program is a great fit for students age 10-18 (grades 5-12). However, it really depends on how you are using the program. Schools have used the SeaPerch program with classes below 5th grade where a mentor performs the tasks using tools that are not safe for younger children (such as using drills and soldering irons). It is possible to engage younger children with SeaPerch if an adult is working one-on-one with the child.
2. Who can build a SeaPerch?
Anyone! Families, in-school programs, after school clubs, private clubs, and individuals of all ages and interests have built the SeaPerch ROV. Building a SeaPerch ROV requires the use of hand and power tools. We have many resources available to help learn to safely use the required tools and develop the skills required to build the ROV
3. How long does a build take?
The actual build process takes between 4 and 8 hours depending on the skill level of the individual or group building the ROV. When the build process is incorporated into a curriculum it can be spread over a full semester with science and engineering lessons taught in conjunction with the build.
4. Can I change the SeaPerch design or add attachments?
The SeaPerch Build Guide provides multiple designs that may be chosen or custom design may be built using the materials provided in the kit or using additional materials. Attachments need to be added in order to perform tasks with the ROV such as lifting objects in the water. The SeaPerch ROV is constructed using common PVC pipes and fittings and is easily modified.
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