2020 Challenge

Waterway Cleanup

The world’s water supports an abundance of the earth’s life and serves as a vital resource for all of us.

The health and safety of these waterways are threatened by waste ranging from floating “garbage patches” to dangerous submerged explosives. The 2021 SeaPerch mission is inspired by real-life circumstances where ROVs can assist us in cleanup efforts.


Describe the intentional design process you complete for your SeaPerch ROV. This report should include all required sections in the template and provide judges with an understanding of your unique SeaPerch design and your team’s approach to developing this design.

The application for your SeaPerch should be clearly described in the “Task Overview” section of your report. We expect to deliver from you an Engineering Design:

  • Focus on SeaPerch ROV designed for the Mission pool course

For more information check:

  • Technical report instructions
  • Fact sheet template
  • Report Rubric

Team Interview

We want to connect and hear directly from you. All teams competing at the Challenge will sign-up for a 15-minute offline interview during the competition with our SeaPerch judges.

Teams will have 10 minutes to answer a minimum of two questions about their SeaPerch ROV design or their team approach. A list of the possible questions is provided in Interview Rules.

The final 5 minutes of each interview will include open Q&A, discussion, and judge feedback.

For more information check:

  • Team Interview Rules
  • Interview Rubric

Pool Courses

Mission course

Waterway Cleanup challenges teams to assist with cleanup efforts in a particularly polluted waterway. Teams must disarm and secure underwater mines, remove trash floating on the water’s surface, and dispose of submerged waste in an underwater vault.

Check the Build Guide for playground design.

For more information keep your eye on our Website where Additional resources coming in early 2021 (Instructions, scoring documents, and submission information for this event will be provided in early 2021)

Obstacle course

The Obstacle Course will not be included for scoring in the 2021 Challenge.


Challenge Course Build Guide


Pool Event Rules


Technical Design Report


Rubric Technical Design Report


Mission Course Scoresheet


Obstacle Course Scoresheet


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