2022 Challenge

SeaPerch North Africa offers many prizes and awards giving the path to all the rising talents and future engineers the motivation to be inspired. The prize for the third-place 5,000 EGP, the second place 10,000 EGP, and the first place 15,000 EGP for the winning teams.

Welcome to Space Exploration!

The 2022 SeaPerch Season is bound to be an exciting one! Much like the vacuum of space, the underwater environment presents many technical challenges teams will be expected to face. Underwater environments are used to replicate space during astronaut training and mission testing. Robots are becoming more common on the International Space Station (ISS) and astronauts perform a variety of tasks while aboard the ISS that are well suited for remotely operated and robotic support. The 2022 SeaPerch Challenge mission is inspired by these tasks.

To be clear, we are not sending SeaPerch ROVs into space! This is all about underwater testing. The space environment should be used as inspiration for your designs and a fun context for the mission course.

Milestones Mandatory

Technical Design Report

Describe the intentional design process you completed for your SeaPerch ROV. This report should include all required sections in the instructions and provide judges with an understanding of your unique SeaPerch design and your team’s approach to developing this design. This report should focus on the SeaPerch ROV your team designed to compete in the 2022 SeaPerch pool courses.

Team Video

Delivering ideas in a clear and convincing manner is critical to bringing your project to life and helping project supporters understand your ideas and be convinced of their potential. Prepare a short, 5-minute video introducing your team, describing your engineering design process, and providing a reflection on this season.

Pool Courses

Obstacle Course Overview

The Obstacle Course tests high-speed manoeuvrability and requires the SeaPerch ROV to navigate the course as quickly as possible.

Mission Course Overview

The Mission Course is related to Space Exploration. The International Space Station (ISS) Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Mission is a simulation of the tasks and environment that an ROV might encounter while assisting astronauts on an EVA outside the ISS. Teams will be tasked with upgrading the ISS’s battery system and moving tools for astronauts.

Technical Design Report

Rubric Technical Design Report 2022


Technical Design Report Instructions 2022


Technical Design Report 2022


Team Video

Team Video Rules 2022


Rubric Team Video 2022



Competion Classes Overview


Build Guides

Pool Courses Overview & Preliminary Rules


Scoring Rubric: Obstacle Course


Scoring Rubric: Mission Course


Mission Course CAD Drawing


Mission Course Battery CAD Drawing


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