2023 Challenge

SeaPerch North Africa offers many prizes and awards giving the path to all the rising talents and future engineers the motivation to be inspired. The prize for the third-place 5,000 EGP, the second place 10,000 EGP, and the first place 15,000 EGP for the winning teams.

Scores (High School)

Team Name Academy/school/entity name Rank Special Awards
Titans Vortex Academy 1st  Place Best Technical Report
RE. Marine 3 IEEE Suez Region E 2nd  Place Best Presentation
Immortals Vortex Academy 3rd  Place Best Innovative
Ocean Saviors_TDR Jupiter Academy 4th  Place Best Design
Sovfish Team Noor Language School 5th  Place Best Accuracy
The Mako Robokid Academy 6th  Place Best Stability
Marlins Noor Language School 7th  Place Best Maneuver

Scores (Middle School)

Team Name Academy/school/entity name Rank Special Awards
RE. Marine 1 IEEE Suez Region E 1st  Place Top Presentation 2nd  Place
RE. Marine 2 IEEE Suez Region E 2nd  Place
RE. Marine 4 IEEE Suez Region E 3rd  Place
Sea Beasts Jupiter Academy 4th  Place Top Maneuver 1st  Place
Starks Vortex Academy 5th  Place Top Technical Report 2nd  Place
Fast Pirates Jupiter Academy 6th  Place
Triple Trouble Elgamaa school 7th  Place Top Presentation 3rd Place
Black Diamond Techno Future Damanhour 8th  Place
Fifish Noor language school 9th  Place
i-STEMers Noor language school 10th  Place Best Design
Genius Genius Academey 11th  Place Best Stability
Sea Wolves Techno Future Damanhour 12th  Place
Alfarouk Alfarouk 13th  Place
Water Dragon (Monster) Ibdaa Academy 14th  Place Best spirit
Lingua Vortex Academy 15th  Place
Black Pearl Techno Future Damanhour 16th  Place
Goat 1 IVY 17th  Place
Hunter Team Ibdaa Academy 18th  Place
Robotics Engineers Al Kenana International Schools Of Al-Kenana 19th  Place Top Maneuver 2nd  Place
Nutilus Techno Future Damanhour 20th  Place
Marine Magic Techno Future Damanhour 21st  Place
Genius Heros Genius Academy 22nd  Place
Nefertiti team Beginning academy Beginning Academy 23rd  Place
Megalodon Shark_TDR Jupiter Academy 24th  Place
EG-jason Gifted development society 25th  Place Top Presentation 1st  Place
The Megalodon Robokid Academy 26th  Place Best Accuracy
Water Pirates Team Ibdaa Academy 27th  Place
V-Wingers Al-Kenana International schools of kenana 28th  Place
Super genius Genius academy 29th  Place
Aqua Vortex Academy 30th  Place
4 girls 31st  Place
Inventor industry Genius academy 32nd  Place
Goat 2 33rd  Place Top Technical Report 2nd  Place

Middle School Class

Team Name Academy/school/entity name Rank
RE-marine 1 IEEE Suez Region 1st  Place
Fifish Noor Language school 2nd  Place
Inventor Industry Genius Academy 3rd  Place
Stonefish Noor Language school 4th  Place
Barracuda Noor Language school 5th  Place
Water Dragons Ibdaa Academy 6th  Place

High school class

Team Name Academy/school/entity name Rank
Titans Vortix Academy 1st  Place
Nefirtiti Beginning Academy 2nd  Place

Open Class

Team Name Academy/school/entity name Rank
Ocean Saviors Jupiter Academy 1st  Place
Mavericks Noor Language school 2nd  Place
The Mako Robokid Academy 3rd  Place

Explore the ocean with us!

Ocean explorers use innovative technologies to fill gaps in our basic understanding of how we impact the ocean and how the ocean impacts us. This knowledge helps us to protect ocean health, sustainably manage our marine resources, accelerate our national economy, better understand our changing environment, and enhance our appreciation of the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives. The 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge is inspired by these technologies.

We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with NOAA Ocean Exploration and the Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) for the 2023 season theme of ocean exploration.

The event information below applies to the 2023 International SeaPerch Challenge. Please check with your local regional coordinator for event information related to your local regional competition.

Milestones Mandatory

Technical Design Report

Describe the intentional design process you completed for your SeaPerch ROV. This report should include all required sections in the instructions and provide judges with an understanding of your unique SeaPerch design and your team’s approach to developing this design. This report should focus on the SeaPerch ROV your team designed to compete in the 2023 SeaPerch pool courses.

Team Video

Delivering ideas in a clear and convincing manner is critical to bringing your project to life and helping project supporters understand your ideas and be convinced of their potential. Prepare a short, 5-minute video introducing your team, describing your engineering design process, and providing a reflection on this season.

Pool Courses

Obstacle Course Overview

The Obstacle Course tests high-speed maneuverability and requires the SeaPerch Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to navigate the course as quickly as possible.

Mission Course Overview

The Mission Course incorporates a mission that teams must complete with their SeaPerch ROV related to Ocean Exploration. The Ocean Exploration Mission is a simulation of the tasks and environment that an ROV might encounter while operating as a part of a multi-vehicle team with an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Specific tasks include Mapping the Seafloor, Marine Life Interaction, and Water Sample Collection

Technical Design Report

Rubric Technical Design Report 2023


Technical Design Report Instructions 2023


Technical Design Report 2023


Team Video

Team Video Rules 2023


Rubric Team Video 2023



Competion Classes Overview


Build Guides

Pool Courses Overview & Preliminary Rules


Scoring Rubric: Obstacle Course


Scoring Rubric: Mission Course


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